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Massage Therapy

Upon your first visit, you are required to fill out a health history questionnaire. All information on this form, or shared during the treatment, is confidential and subject to the various privacy of information Acts both federally and provincially. Your therapist needs this information in order to ensure a safe treatment. Certain conditions may preclude you from receiving treatment or require modifications to techniques or positioning in order to minimize potential side effects and risks associated with the treatment you are seeking.

Your therapist may take a few minutes to perform an orthopedic assessment based on your major complaint or goal. Doing so is important for three reasons:

  1. Certain tests are required to ensure that the treatment is warranted and can be safely performed.
  2. Testing helps locate the structures that contribute to your major complaint. Identifying these areas enables a focused treatment.
  3. Testing establishes a baseline of abilities/limitations against which progress can be measured over time.

Before beginning to treat you, your therapist will explain exactly what you are consenting to have done. This is called the treatment plan. It includes information such as the goals of the session, areas to be treated, undressing, draping, positioning, techniques to be used, possible side effects and potential risks. Even if you initially agree to a certain treatment plan, you have the right to stop or alter the plan at any time during the session.

Home Care
You and your therapist are partners in achieving your goals. What you do between treatments is just as necessary and important to maintain the benefits of treatment. Work with your therapist to find the best way of incorporating suggested exercises into your daily routine.