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Upcoming  Events

As of June 9 2020, the office is now re-opened with modified procedures relating to Covid-19 preparedness.

Clients will be asked screening questions prior to the treatment.

You are expected to wear a mask for the duration of your visit; you can bring your own or I will provide one. If you cannot wear a mask discuss this with me ahead of time.

You will need to sanitize your hands upon arrival.

I in return will also wear a mask; will disinfect surfaces you or I are likely to touch; and will continue to change all linens used during your visit.

Past Events…

  • August 2010, Cathy completed 4 days of Lomi-Lomi training, a Hawaiian style of massage
  • June 2008, Cathy retired from the Ottawa Integrative Health Centre and Chiromax Chiropractic to concentrate on her residential clinic at 2029 Kilborn Ave, Ottawa (Alta Vista/Elmdale area of Ottawa)
  • April 2008, Cathy was in Boston working the Boston Marathon for the 6th consecutive year!
  • March 2008, Cathy was in Yellowknife working at the Artic Winter Games.
  • Jan-Feb, 2008, Cathy completed training and certification in Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy from the Dr Vodder School International (160 hours of theory and hands-on).