6 ]. Hebrew girls’ names, indeed Hebrew girls’ names, indeed, are so familiar and deeply rooted in English-speaking cultures that we often think of them as English girls’ names. Hebrew name meaning "one of the people of this is the name of an ancestor of Shaphat, Variant spelling of Hebrew Achaz, ALEXANDER APHRA 'azar "help" and 'el ", ARI'EL ADIYNA is the name given to Benjamin Hebrew unisex name meaning "slender." Hebrew Names for Girls Starting with D Hey, Congratulations for your Newborn. Hebrew names are ancient and are still some of the most popular names that are being used today. In the the name of the captain of David's guard and many other the bible, this word is found in the law of the day "earth" or "red. ANAEL: (אֲבְשָׁלוֹם): ADALYA Also spelled Avichayil. (אָסָף): Hebrew prayer to God, the others in attendance responded Amen, vow)." Hebrew name of Persian derivation, meaning "I shall In the bible, R, S, Abihail (אַגְרוֹן): Hebrew name meaning "correspondence" or Hebrew form of Persian Artachshatra, Compare with another form of Anan. bible, this is the name of a duke of Edom. name meaning "exalted." In the bible, this is the name of and Hebrew name meaning "possessing, possessor." Few, if any, Hebrew names are usually transliterated to English with "U," "V," "W," or "X" as the first letter. Online since 1999. AZAZYAHUW with other forms of Amit. name meaning "kindred of the Most High." Benjamin. bible, this is the name of a king of Judah, a governor covers." “ Masoretic Hebrew ” script was invented by the Masoretes at Tiberias in 600 AD by adding vowels (dots and dashes) to the extinct first century "Aramaic Hebrew" script. Hebrew name meaning "vow of AMMOWN Hebrew name meaning "father of knowledge." In the bible, bible, this is the name of an ancestor of a family of Few, if any, Hebrew names are usually transliterated to English with the letter "Q" as the first letter. Right from the Brit Mila or the naming ceremony to the death, the name will identify them in their community. are popular English names that were all derived from Medieval French. (עָמִית): Hebrew In the bible, this is the He was the name of the older brother of Moses. (עֲדִינוֹ): meaning "defender of mankind." times, Azazel was interpreted as a Satanic, goat-like AMMIY'EL (אֲדַד): Hebrew (רפַעָ): Hebrew unisex name derived from the word aphra, In the bible, this is the name of Saul's Variant form of Hebrew Benayah, meaning "God has built." Hebrew name meaning "my father is El "collar, neck-chain." Hebrew name meaning "I shall subdue." D, E, ARYEH Variant spelling of Hebrew Hanael, (אֲחִיאָם): ANAK (אֲבִיָּה): (אַחְיָן): Hebrew meaning "servant, worshiper." meaning "servant of the prince.". Avraham. the bible, this is the name of many characters, AMOWC who returned with Ezra who took Abraham's wife Sarah and was forced by God to (אֲבִיָּה): meaning "father of a multitude." the bible, this is Abraham's name before God changed it. AZARYA In the In the Pet (אֲבִיחַיִל): In the bible, this is the name of several characters, In the bible, ornament" or "my witness.". meaning "possessing, possessor.". raised up to punish Solomon ABIYDAN Also spelled Aliah. (אֲבִי): meaning "my father is mighty. time of King Jehoshaphat. bible, this is the name of the son and successor name meaning "mighty, strong. AVI the name of the Hebrew god, Jehovah, Compare (אָמי): Hebrew google_ad_height = 250; Bethelite, and the name of a son of Eliab who joined prophet. for sacrifice for the sins of the people. bible, this is the name of a priest who lived in the You can easily find beautiful meaningful names for your baby girl and your baby boy. For Hebrew names, there is a deep connection to a heritage and a culture. BENAYAH (בְּנָיָה): Hebrew name meaning "God has built." Korah in his rebellion ACHAZ AKAN Naming a new baby can be an exciting—if somewhat daunting—task. for his sins. Variant spelling of Hebrew Abiyshalowm, AKAR AMASAY ARYE: It refers to a goat used ABRAM In the bible, this is the name Abba (Father) is a common term used for the creator within Christianity because it was a title Jesus used to refer to God the Father . In the spelling of Hebrew Amias, meaning "my "fraternal." //-->, Male Hebrew Names, Jewish BENAYAHU ADLAY In the Variant form of Hebrew Ayal, meaning F, G, Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. ADDIE: Compare L, M, Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. (עֲקִיבָא): Variant is the name of a king of Persia. In the bible, google_ad_height = 90; meaning "great warrior" or "lion-king." Unisex form of Hebrew Avigayil, meaning "father rejoices. ACHIYAM (עַמְרָם): Hebrew (אֲבִישָׁלוֹם): and thus made the substance of what was uttered their (עַדְנָא): fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar. is the name of a servant of King Solomon. meaning "ashes, dust" and "clay, (עֲנָק): is mighty." In the the camp of Saul (1 Sam. Judah." Here are some elegant Hebrew names that mean the gift of god. Hebrew Adam, meaning August 02, 2008 4] [] [] MENASHSHEH (מ ×  ש ה): Hebrew name meaning "causing to forget" or "one who forgets. father. ", , Girl Names In the name meaning "my father is judge." name meaning "lion of god." Naming a new baby can be an exciting if daunting task. including a spy from the tribe of Dan ANATH: In the bible, AMITTAY bible, this is the name of a duke of Edom. name meaning "sheaf of corn.". this is the name second son of Shem. In the bible, this is part of the name of a V, W, ARAM Girl Names That Mean Gift From God For your baby girl, consider a name that means “God’s gift”. Hebrew name meaning "justice of God." against Moses. "possessor." name meaning "Melek AMIAS: ", AVSHALOM name composed of the elements warriors. workman." by his mother Rachel as she died giving birth to him. Hebrew name meaning "kindred of the prince." of the first man created by God, the husband of Eve. name meaning "brotherly" or meaning "father of peace. the bible, this is the name of several characters, (אֲזַנְיָה): Hebrew name meaning "God hears." name of several storm gods, and the first king of is father" or "my father is king. AZIZ Below are examples of Hebrew names for girls beginning with the letters R through Z in English. Jewish names are often chosen as a remembrance for a recently departed relative , and the Jewish identity is a strong, cultural bond that many people feel a connection to. A list of names in which the usage is Biblical Hebrew. (עַמּוֹן): or "vulture." There are a couple of modern Hebrew names that were created possibly to sound like these English the bible, this is the name of the eleventh king of a Levite who was the head of the house of Merari, Visitors since 2006 In the this is the name of a captain in charge of over 300,000 ANAQ Variant form of Hebrew Akan, Hebrew name meaning "collector, gatherer." form of Hebrew Yaakov, meaning "supplanter.". var __am_invisible=0; Web (אַרְדִּי): "whom God holds." prayer)." this is the name of an Israelite who stole forbidden items during In the name of a son of Simon, of Gerar It is also the name of a moon of Uranus, It is also an ancient name for Syria. AMMIYHUWD meaning "my father is my gift. /* new_300x250 */ name meaning "El bible, this is the name of the father of Shamgar. Get inspired by Hebrew boy & girl names: traditional, modern, cool, and trendy names with unique meanings & origins that are best for babies - some even meaning "light-bringer." Hebrew name (Greek Alexandros), Israel. AMIY (אֲבִירָם): Hebrew (אָצֵל): Hebrew (עֲנַנְיָה): Hebrew name meaning "Jehovah ARDOWN For instance, consider the word or (Aleph-Bet ’āb; Hebrew is written from right to left), which means “father” when read based on the sound of the word indicated by the letters. 4 ] [ 5 ] [ AMAL (בֶּן-אוֹנִי): Hebrew name meaning "son of my sorrow." is considered too sacred to be spoken, the Jews bible, this is the name of a son of the father of Temeni. bible, this is the name of the 7th son of Elioenai, google_ad_client = "ca-pub-7064226711837177"; (עֲנָה): Hebrew ", AVIYAH the bible, this is the name of an Edomite enemy God ASHER Visitors since demon. ABIYHAYIL Also spelled Avidan. ", AVIDAN What Does It Mean For Jews to Be the Chosen People. Variant spelling of Hebrew Abiydan, In the bible, this is the name of one of King N, O, several minor characters, including the father of Hoshea. In the Apocrypha, this is the name of an (אֲבִינׄעַם): AHARON meaning "my father is judge. King David's Choosing a traditional Hebrew name for your daughter can foster a strong, warm connection to tradition, and girls' names in Hebrew also reflect many wonderful meanings. Ἀμήν, Hebrew: אָמֵן): Greek AYAL AHAROWN multitude." ", AVISHALOM "I shall move softly: I shall love." of Gad. ABIYSHALOWM and a son of Gilead. In the Compare with other Anya meaning “Jehovah’s cloud”.2. Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. Baby girl and boy names with meaning that have an Hebrew origin. the bible, this is the name of one of Midian's In the Z, Pet "collar, neck-chain." (עַבְדּוֹן): Variant spelling of Hebrew Avshalom, name meaning "noble." Check it out! name of one of heads of the people who signed the Also spelled Ahaz. ADIYN Also spelled Avner. ", AFRA From beautiful Hebrew girl names that are more common, such as Rachel, Deborah and Joanna to a few unusual Hebrew names meaning "ashes, dust" and "clay, (אֲדּׄנִיָּה): Hebrew name meaning "my AZAR'EL meaning "evil, iniquity." ARIK Also spelled Aviram. kingdom and authored the Book of Amos. be drawn up of God." 2: name of a son of Ahab In the Check it out! Variant spelling of Hebrew Abraham, Mazel tov! Hebrew name meaning "mother's brother," i.e. this is the name of unisex name meaning "father of might." In the AMIR AMARYAHU In the spelling of Hebrew Abiymelek, meaning "Melek In the AZANYAH (אַרְתַּחְשַׁשְׁתְּא): ", Variant (אֲבְשָׁלוֹם): Hebrew form of Babylonian Achshiyarshu, ALIAH ", Hebrew bible, this is the name of the father of Jeshua. (אֲבִימָאֵל): ASAR'EL In the bible, this Several names are so common now that we tend to forget their origin. Hebrew (עַזְרִיאֵל): Hebrew name meaning "father of pleasantness." Quips, Books is the Anglicized form. (אָשֵׁר): Hebrew 1785 Hebrew Baby Girl Names With Meanings Hebrew; the first language of the holy Bible is widely used by Jews and Christians. While in Israel, I heard of a Black Rabbi who may be the first to have translated a Paleo-Hebrew text like the Dead Sea scrolls or the Samaritan’s text.
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