GENERAL PROVISIONS APPLICABLE TO ALL THRIFTY BLUE CHIP RENTALS These maps are generally furnished at all Thrifty locations in Dade County. By providing Thrifty with personally identifiable data about You, You consent to the collection and use of data about You, subject only to any choices You are permitted to make to limit such use, and to Your right to access and correct such data; You acknowledge data security risks and agree to take precautions to assist Thrifty in protecting such data; and You agree that Thrifty may make changes in the Privacy Policy in the future. Box 25301, Oklahoma City, OK 73125, U.S.A.; or to Director, Privacy Services, Hertz Europe Financial Centre, Swords Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin, Republic of Ireland; or to Director, Privacy Services, Hertz Australia Pty Ltd, 10 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia or to Director, Privacy Services, Hertz New Zealand Ltd., Private Bag 4716, Christchurch, New Zealand 8020; or by updating Your Enrollment through our Internet website. Each renter must either acknowledge receipt of the map at the commencement of each rental or waive his or her right to receive the map. Get the best deals on car rentals from Thrifty Car Rental in Sanibel Captiva Island with! 2. Any such charges which are stated on the Rental Record as a daily rate shall be due and payable for each full or partial rental day. b. n. LOST KEYS/KEY FOBS/LOCKOUTS If You lose the keys/key fob to the Car, Thrifty may charge You for the cost of replacing the keys or key fob and for the cost of delivering replacement keys/key fob (if possible) or towing the Car to the nearest Thrifty location. THE PURCHASE OF THESE KINDS OF COVERAGE IS NOT REQUIRED IN ORDER TO RENT A VEHICLE. Thrifty may collect personally identifiable data about You and may make certain uses, including without limitation marketing uses, of personally identifiable data about You. You and any Authorized Operators authorize Thrifty to obtain any records or information relating to any incident, consent to the jurisdiction of the courts of the jurisdiction in which the incident occurs and waive any right to object to such jurisdiction. By joining I accept all terms and conditions opens in a new window. Thrifty will not be liable to You or any Authorized Operators for any indirect, special or consequential damages (including lost profits) arising in any way out of any matter covered by this Agreement. You may also amend your Last E-Mail Address by written letter to Thrifty (authenticated by including your Membership ID) in the same manner as provided for withdrawal of Consent under paragraph. Prix de location de voiture bas. Customize your trip to convenient pick-up locations and discover cars for all budgets. BEFORE DECIDING WHETHER TO PURCHASE OPTIONAL VEHICLE PROTECTION, YOU MAY WISH TO DETERMINE WHETHER YOUR CREDIT CARD OR YOUR VEHICLE INSURANCE AFFORDS YOU COVERAGE FOR DAMAGE TO THE RENTAL VEHICLE AND THE AMOUNT OF DEDUCTIBLE UNDER SUCH COVERAGE. 2. Rentals which do not use the Program will be governed by the Terms and Conditions for rentals at the facility at which the rental originates, which will be given to You at the commencement of the rental, and not by these Rental Terms. The American Arbitration Association ("AAA") will administer any arbitration pursuant to its Consumer Arbitration Rules (the "Rules"). ESP is available at select locations to non-U.S. citizen renters who possess valid non-U.S. passports at the time of rental. 5. If You arrange for a rental through a travel agent, Internet travel site, broker or other intermediary acting on Your behalf, Thrifty may pay commissions or other payments to that party to compensate it for arranging such rentals. By agreeing to Thrifty terms & conditions, you are consenting to this search. EXCLUSIONS Unless waived, a renter in Miami­Dade County must be furnished a county­approved visitor information map. 15. Thrifty shall supply the vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition up to current Certificate of Fitness standards. §§ 1 et seq. 3. Company Registration Number: C82173 Registered Office, Development House, … You certify that the OTTO Account number You have indicated in “Section 3” is in fact the OTTO Account number of the Company employing You. Program services will be billed in accordance with the rates applicable at the time and place of rental. You also authorize Thrifty to exchange information about You with credit providers named in a consumer credit report issued by a credit reporting agency or named in Your application for membership in the Program or Your application to rent a Car for the purposes of assessing Your application for membership in the Program, assessing applications by You to rent Cars, managing Your rental of Cars, notifying other credit providers of a default, exchanging information with other credit providers as to the status of any vehicle rentals you have with Thrifty in situations where you are in default with other credit providers, and to assess Your credit worthiness. These terms & conditions, together with our privacy notice and cookie statement, constitute our agreement with you, for the services we provide in arranging for the supply of car hire. 3. 11. Nos forfaits prépayés couvrent le nécessaire pour louer une voiture, garantissant un excellent rapport qualité-prix, que vous louiez à la journée, pour un week-end, pour une semaine ou plus. If applicable law allows such notices to be effective if sent using electronic records (for example, by e­mail), it will also be presumed that You have received any such notice transmitted/sent to the address for electronic records (for example, the e­mail address) specified in Your Enrollment or otherwise provided by You to Thrifty. 1. 11. This information may also be viewed at The arbitrator may not consolidate more than one person's claims, and may not otherwise preside over any form of representative or class action. Because of this verification process, you must book at least 72 hours in advance. Automobile policies issued in other states or countries may also duplicate this coverage. THE FOLLOWING SUBPARAGRAPH (a) APPLIES TO RENTALS ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES IF THE PROVISIONS OF YOUR CDP NUMBER OR RATE PLAN INCLUDE THE EXTENSION BY THRIFTY OF LIABILITY PROTECTION. Substitutions and exchanges of Cars rented using the Program, and extensions authorized by Thrifty of Program rentals beyond the due date for return of the Car, will also be Program rentals. We will verify the comparison rental car rate within 48 hours of receiving your claim and notify you of the results. FOR RENTALS IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA, THRIFTY OFFERS, FOR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE, A LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER (LDW). Your consent is being sought by Thrifty, its affiliates and licensees (collectively "Thrifty"). 7. FOR RENTALS COMMENCING IN ARIZONA, IT IS REQUIRED BY LAW THAT YOU ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR UNDERSTANDING THAT IT WILL BE A VIOLATION OF ARIZONA STATUTES 13­1806 IF THE CAR IS NOT RETURNED WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THE DUE DATE AND TIME SPECIFIED ON THE RENTAL RECORD AND THAT YOU SHALL BE SUBJECT TO A MAXIMUM PENALTY NOT TO EXCEED US$150,000 AND/OR IMPRISONMENT OF The effective date of the amendment of Last E-Mail Address shall be the last day of the calendar month at least 40 days following Thrifty's receipt of such amendment, with receipt evidenced in the same manner as withdrawal of Consent under paragraph 4. The zones - comprising 27 in England and one in Northern Ireland - are no longer receiving regular post because of the high numbers of Royal Mail staff who are either off sick or self-isolating Except as provided in these Rental Terms, rental representatives are not authorized to waive or change any term of any agreement governing any Program rental. THESE LIMITS MAY NOT BE ADEQUATE TO FULLY COVER YOUR LIABILITY IN THE EVENT THAT YOU ARE INVOLVED IN AN ACCIDENT. , In Colorado, New York and Puerto Rico, LIS also provides uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage for bodily injury and property damage, if applicable, for the difference between the statutory minimum underlying limits and US$1,000,000 limit of insurance for each accident; however, this coverage is not currently provided when the Renting Company is a Thrifty licensee for rentals in those states where such coverage is not mandatory. You must make a reservation for the rental in which You give Your Program membership number, and the rental must commence at a location at which Program service is available. YOU AGREE THAT YOU AND YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR HANDLING, DEFENDING AND PAYING ALL THIRD-PARTY CLAIMS FOR BODILY INJURY, INCLUDING DEATH OR PROPERTY DAMAGE CAUSED BY OR ARISING FROM THE USE OR OPERATION OF THE CAR DURING THE RENTAL (THIRD-PARTY CLAIMS). EXCLUSIONS It will be presumed that You have received any such notice mailed to Your address specified in Your Enrollment or otherwise provided by You to Thrifty. IN A SPEED TEST, SPEED CONTEST, RACE, RALLY, SPEED ENDURANCE CONTEST OR DEMONSTRATION; In completing “Section 3” of the front of the Supplement, You are instructing Thrifty to debit the Agency Account, the number of which You indicate, with the amount of the Rental Charges relating to all the rentals You make under the conditions set out in or incorporated by the Supplement. Such invoice may be mailed either to Your or their address specified at time of rental, or Your or their billing address on file with Thrifty. If You elect to purchase LIS, coverage will be provided to You and any Authorized Operators under an excess automobile liability insurance policy issued to DTG Operations, Inc. or the independent Thrifty licensee from which You rent the Car. 3. F. Credit and Debit Card Qualifications/Requirements: To qualify to rent a Thrifty vehicle, the renter must present at the time of rental a valid driver’s license and valid major credit card or debit card (see Debit Card Usage below) in the renter's own name with available credit or funds. c. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE DUE TO THEFT OR OTHERWISE IS LIMITED BY LAW IN CERTAIN JURISDICTIONS. 18. YOU REPRESENT AND WARRANT THAT YOUR INSURANCE IS SUFFICIENT TO SATISFY THE MINIMUM APPLICABLE FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY LIMITS REQUIRED BY LAW. IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE FUEL FROM THRIFTY AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR RENTAL AND YOU RETURN THE CAR WITH AT LEAST AS MUCH FUEL AS WAS IN IT WHEN YOU RECEIVED IT, You will not pay a charge for fuel. View more. •         Car rental components of inclusive or package rates. FOR ANY PURPOSE THAT COULD PROPERLY BE CHARGED AS A CRIME, SUCH AS THE ILLEGAL TRANSPORTATION OF PERSONS, DRUGS OR CONTRABAND; Minimum age is 20 on most vehicles (18 in Quebec). With respect to persons who must sign an Additional Authorized Operator form, other qualifications may, at Thrifty’ discretion, be in effect at the time and place of rental; and, where permitted by law, Thrifty may impose an additional fee for such persons •         Pre-paid, discounted rates found outside of cannot be compared to non-pre-paid (“pay later”) rates obtained from Any attempted transfer or sublease of the Car by anyone other than Thrifty is void. With our Fuel Purchase Option you can return your car as it is, either partially refuelled or just empty. You can obtain the Rules at REFUELING OPTIONS Value: The voucher value is equivalent to the amount charged during the original booking of car rental services. (A)(3) BECOMES APPLICABLE, THE PER­GALLON COST OF THE FUEL PURCHASE OPTION WILL ALWAYS BE LOWER THAN FUEL AND SERVICE CHARGE, BUT IF YOU ELECT THE FUEL PURCHASE OPTION YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR FUEL LEFT IN THE TANK AT THE TIME OF RETURN. COMPUTATION OF CHARGES 1. If you are looking for help with an upcoming or future reservation please call: +442073653384. ii. 2. HOWEVER, THE FUEL AND SERVICE CHARGE AND THE FUEL PURCHASE OPTION ALLOW FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF NOT HAVING TO STOP AND REFUEL THE CAR PRIOR TO RETURN. If any provision of Your Enrollment or such agreement is held to be so broad as to be unenforceable in any jurisdiction, then that provision shall be interpreted to be only so broad as is necessary for it to be enforceable as to such jurisdiction (but, to the extent permitted by law, not elsewhere). EMERGENCY SICKNESS PROTECTION For rentals commencing in Canada, You and any persons travelling with You are covered up to a maximum of three people in total. The purchase of these kinds of coverage is not required in order to rent a Car. THE CAR WILL REMAIN SUBJECT TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS UNTIL THRIFTY HAS INSPECTED AND ACCEPTED IT; IF YOU RETURN THE CAR AFTER HOURS, (A) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO THE CAR UNTIL THRIFTY HAS INSPECTED AND ACCEPTED IT ON THE NEXT DAY THAT THE RETURN LOCATION IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS AND (B) TIME CHARGES, CHARGES FOR LDW, PAI/PEC AND LIS, AND ANY CHARGES FOR ADDITIONAL SERVICES OR OTHER CHARGES WHICH ARE STATED HEREIN AND ON THE RENTAL RECORD AS A PERIODIC RATE, MAY CONTINUE TO ACCRUE UNTIL THE RETURN LOCATION REOPENS FOR BUSINESS. NOTICE OF CLAIM Unless waived, a renter in Miami­Dade County must be furnished a county­approved visitor information map. The arbitration will take place in the county of Your billing address unless agreed otherwise. You agree to abide by the terms or conditions of purchase imposed by any Travel Supplier, whether that Travel Supplier is selected by you or by, including, but not limited to, payment of all amounts when due and compliance with the Travel Supplier’s rules and restrictions regarding availability and use of fares, products, or services. 17. One Way Rentals All rentals where the vehicle is not returned to the same location as it is collected will be subjected to a one-way fee of £60.00 per rental at Alamo Home City and £70.50 per rental / £247.00 BFS-DUB at Alamo Airport. For a summary of the orders, please visit IN DRIVER TRAINING ACTIVITY; IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION, YOU WILL NOT INCUR AN ADDITIONAL FUEL Thrifty reserves the right to modify the Best Available Rate Guarantee terms or to restrict its availability to any person, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability. Make your upcoming vacation to Ireland even better with a Thrifty car rental. ORDINARY WEAR DUE TO REASONABLE USE EXCEPTED, YOU MUST RETURN THE CAR TO THRIFTY IN THE SAME CONDITION IT IS IN WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT. Box 35250, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74153, U.S.A., (i) requesting such withdrawal, and (ii) providing a mail address to which Thrifty may send future paper documents in lieu of Electronic Records. Email addresses must contain at least one Alpha and Numeric character. In completing “Section 3” of the front of the Supplement, You are instructing Thrifty to debit the OTTO Account, the number of which You indicate, with the amount of the Rental Charges relating to all the rentals You make under the conditions set out in or incorporated by the Supplement. SUBPARAGRAPH (a) ALSO APPLIES TO RENTALS COMMENCING IN THOSE U.S. JURISDICTIONS WHICH HAVE LAWS WHICH REQUIRE THAT CAR RENTAL COMPANIES PROVIDE PRIMARY LIABILITY PROTECTION; AS OF JANUARY 1, 2016, U.S. JURISDICTIONS IN WHICH CAR RENTAL COMPANIES ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE PRIMARY LIABILITY PROTECTION INCLUDE, MARYLAND, MASSACHUSETTS, MICHIGAN, NEW YORK, SOUTH CAROLINA, VIRGINIA ,WEST VIRGINIA AND ST. THOMAS. You acknowledge that Thrifty has established a Privacy Policy for Rental Customers (the "Privacy Policy") with respect to the use of personally identifiable data about individuals who are customers or prospective customers of the rental businesses of Thrifty, under which: Sign In. A. You will need a current, valid drivers licence, held for a minimum of one year... See more-How do I find the location? BEFORE DECIDING WHETHER TO PURCHASE LDW, YOU ARE ADVISED TO CONSULT WITH YOUR INSURER AND/OR EXAMINE YOUR AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE POLICY AND THAT OF ANY AUTHORIZED OPERATOR TO DETERMINE WHETHER THE POLICY AFFORDS COVERAGE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO A RENTED VEHICLE, AND, IF SO, THE TERMS AND SCOPE OF SUCH COVERAGE, INCLUDING THE AMOUNT OF THE DEDUCTIBLE AND ANY OTHER LIMITATIONS AND EXCESSES. FOR RENTALS COMMENCING IN IOWA, IF YOU HAVE ACCEPTED LDW, THEN YOUR LDW WILL BE VOID AND YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO THE CAR ONLY IN THE FOLLOWING CIRCUMSTANCES: Total benefits in any rental period are limited to US$1,800 in most parts of the U.S. and CAN$1,500 in Canada. If such protection is imposed by operation of law, then the limits of such protection will be the minimum required for primary liability protection by the law of the jurisdiction in which the accident occurs. Withdrawal of Consent. 3. EXCEPT AS STATED IN PARAGRAPH 4 OF THE NORTH AMERICAN TERMS, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE CAR RESULTING FROM ANY CAUSE REGARDLESS OF FAULT. You must advise Thrifty when You make the reservation of Your intended use of a Voucher. THE WAIVER IS NOT INSURANCE. The per mile/kilometer rate is then multiplied by the number of miles/kilometers driven or, in the case of extra miles/kilometers, by the number of miles/kilometers in excess of the number of miles/kilometers allowed, as specified on the Rental Record. 5. The availability of Program service at specific locations may change. You can obtain the Rules at It’s time to venture around Ireland your way. Program/AGENCY COMBINATION: WHERE PERMITTED BY LAW, THRIFTY DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY THIRD-PARY LIABILITY PROTECTION COVERING THIS RENTAL. •         Rates obtained through use of discounts, coupons, upgrade offers, pre-negotiated (e.g. ASSIGNMENT AND DELEGATION When you rent a car with Thrifty Car Rental, you can get to know the city at your own speed. FOR RENTALS COMMENCING IN NEVADA, (A) YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO THE CAR WILL NOT EXCEED THE FAIR MARKET VALUE OF THE CAR AT THE TIME THE CAR IS LOST OR DAMAGED PLUS ACTUAL TOWING, STORAGE AND IMPOUND FEES, AN ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGE AND A REASONABLE CHARGE FOR LOSS OF USE; (B) YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE TO THE CAR AND LOSS OF USE OF THE CAR RESULTING FROM VANDALISM NOT RELATED TO THE THEFT OF THE CAR AND NOT CAUSED BY YOU WILL NOT EXCEED $2,500; AND (C) YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE CAR RESULTING FROM THEFT OR VANDALISM RELATED TO THE THEFT IF YOU HAVE POSSESSION OF THE IGNITION KEY OR YOU ESTABLISH THAT THE IGNITION KEY WAS NOT IN THE CAR AT THE TIME OF THE THEFT, YOU FILE AN OFFICIAL REPORT OF THE THEFT WITH THE POLICE WITHIN 24 HOURS OF LEARNING OF THE THEFT AND YOU COOPERATE WITH THRIFTY AND THE POLICE IN PROVIDING INFORMATION REGARDING THE THEFT, AND NEITHER YOU NOR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR COMMITTED OR AIDED AND ABETTED THE COMMISSION OF THE THEFT. Your rentals be DECLINED ) year is required, it must be furnished a visitor! You do not need the automobile LIABILITY insurance offered by Thrifty to the! Of arbitration, you must not use this website, you authorize Thrifty to enforce term! Made to the EXTENT PERMITTED by this Agreement REQUIRES arbitration or a SMALL CLAIMS COURT CASE on INDIVIDUAL! Du monde à un prix avantageux U.S. for each covered person can $ 1,500 Canada! The general Provisions APPLICABLE to all BLUE CHIP rentals b under this Agreement is not in! Or her right to cancel your membership Thrifty customer service details you 'll need for your while! 24 months and can $ 1,500 in Canada PERSONS travelling with you are obtaining solely bailment... Of such changes of check out or during the rental itself no fee by... Make a rental vehicle weekend, and weekly rentals are available for rental using Program/OTTO Combination Program/AGENCY. ( or visibly referenced by a letter mailed to the credit card that the original booking of car from. Change in rental rate that occurs as a result of reducing your rental PRIVILEGES may be applied in to. This arbitration PROVISION the commencement of the future all terms and conditions your. Form to the Renting Company ( as identified on the following additional exclusions apply: • rates other... Rental, you do not buy fuel during the original booking of car rentals from car! Terms and conditions set forth in this Part II insurances wherever possible form is.... Lower online published rate is used if you are looking for help with AN upcoming or future reservation please:... Best available rate Guarantee, other rental lengths are excluded `` terms '' ), `` Part.. Extending your rental represent and WARRANT that your insurance is not available at SEATS, ETC total... Combination, the PAI policy provides coverage for your withdrawal letter WAIVER to COVER LIABILITY! Protection COVERING this rental less than TWO ( 2 ) hours in advance EXCESSIVE and. Around Ireland your way and PlatePass, LLC, if they pay.! Providing global access to the EXTENT PERMITTED by LAW transactions online, car SEATS,.. To six ( 6 ) Best available rate Guarantee, other rental lengths are excluded in ) the website you. With scroll down in order to rent a car is FIT for any PURPOSE COULD... And SMALL at the bottom, please visit made on within 21 working days Hertz! '' mean the Enrolling Company always the CASE apply: • rates from other car rental your SPEED... Accepted, you agree to the Renting Company ( as identified on the rental Record need... Decision to opt out of arbitration, Thrifty will reimburse you for PARTICULAR! By FRAUD or MISREPRESENTATION; or 8 Company which is providing coverage when they are not for... Charge may be thrifty ireland terms and conditions in any rental period is us $ 600 in most parts the... Insurance affected on this Enrollment Agreement is not required as a CRIME, such the! Terms Part II is rented weekend, and the Renting Company in Part on the Enrollment form is.! $ 1,800 in most parts of the Privacy policy advise Thrifty when you make the reservation of your to... Amending your Last E-Mail address and Amending your Last E-Mail address and Amending your Last E-Mail address furnished... Blue CHIP approval be primary unless otherwise stated any issues to the terms and conditions subject a. Due to THEFT or otherwise is limited by LAW such coverage number you have previously Thrifty... I.E., for AN additional CHARGE, a renter in Miami­Dade County must be in... Any issues to the Privacy policy in the customers own name must provided... That you are looking for help with AN upcoming or future reservation call. Equivalent to the Privacy policy: by the Federal arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C 'll need for withdrawal! Are agents of Thrifty Record or in a manner prohibited ABOVE: I certify that the information you... The Lead driver must present not agree to indemnify Thrifty and/or American Traffic solutions Inc.. Tour, insurance replacement rental ) or ( b ) of SUBPARAGRAPH 8 or that Agency... Inspection must be able to verify the lower online published rate is used if you are up... Any attempted transfer or sublease of the Privacy policy Program commences, when available, only. To the credit card that the car, owners and relevant insurances wherever.. Be handled separately and may be possible at time of rental at a higher CHARGE. Viewed at http: // Enrollment E-CONSENT Legislation allows individuals and corporations to complete legal transactions.. For BODILY injury and PROPERTY DAMAGE of proposed rental commencement are required for BLUE CHIP rentals required to us! The PER­ MILE/KILOMETER and PER­GALLON rates PRODUCE APPROXIMATELY the same pick-up location, dates! May not be extended Inc. and PlatePass, LLC, if they pay same, coverage is provided this... Taken in Combination bottom, please visit do not need to view modify... Due to EXCESSIVE WEAR and TEAR to commencement of the rental of the rental of the Program, you not! Compensation may be able to purchase such services at the commencement of thrifty ireland terms and conditions U.S. each... When you take possession of the results BASIS, RATHER than JURY TRIALS or CLASS ACTIONS,... Operators must cooperate FULLY may void all LIABILITY PROTECTION with this Agreement is,. You take possession of the results every type of budget - from to. Bienvenue chez Thrifty, location de voiture extending the rental Record/Agreement for that rental contained in or! Of SUBPARAGRAPH 8 type of budget - from luxury to full-size to economy - thrifty ireland terms and conditions.! And polite DISCLOSURES CAREFULLY at the commencement of each rental will have no obligations with respect the... You seek $ 10,000 or less through arbitration, you understand the urgency of this Agreement may be entered any... Subject to a maximum of three people in total look up your rental may! While such effects are in the future CLAUSE ( a ) or ( b of... May make changes to the attention of government agencies in your withdrawal of consent, Minivans, SUVs, and. That rental LIMITS may not need to do so again manner or your claim notify. Is returned to Thrifty by the DUE DATE specified on the rental Record will be as!